1. The language of publication is English. However, papers written in other European Languages with an English abstract are accepted.
2. Articles that will be sent to this journal should not be published elsewhere, nor be submitted to other journals simultaneously for publication consideration.
3. This journal does not charge any fees. The content is open and free of charge.
4. Articles should be submitted as Microsoft Word and be submitted according to the following style guidelines:
Paper size: 17 x 25 cm
Top: 2.5 cm; Bottom: 2.5 cm; Left: 2,5 cm; Right: 2,5 cm
Text body: Times New Roman, 12 points, at 1.5 line spacing, justified
Footnotes: Times New Roman, 10 points, at 1 line spacing, justified
5. All manuscripts must be submitted online through at
6. Every paper should contain the full address of the author. (The name(s), Academic title(s), formal position(s), institutional affiliation(s), Orcid id(s) and contact details (especially e-mail(s)) of the author(s) must be clearly included with the submission to the editor.(No ORCID?, register here
7. All citations in the text should be numbered in the order of mention in the text and should be listed in full form at the end of the article in an alphabetically organized Bibliography.
8. All papers should use footnotes not endnotes. Citations should follow Chicago Citation Style. Learn More Here
9. Authors should proofread their works before sending them to our Journal.
10. The accepted similarity (using iThenticate software) must not exceed 10% including footnotes and inside text quotes. We encourage authors to verify that similarity before sending their papers to our journal because we double check this for prevention of plagiarism.
11. By sending the manuscript to the Journal, all the authors are deemed to have consented to the publication of their works.
12. All articles submitted are subject to a blind peer review. The identity of the author(s) and reviewer(s) will not be revealed to the other party.
13. The last article accepted for the June issue of our journal is 15 May, and the last article for December issue is 15 November. The articles that reach after these dates will be evaluated for the next issue.
14. Each published issue of the Journal will be uploaded as a PDF file to our Journal and each article from the June/2021 issue will be assigned to a DOI number.
15. Any responsibility arising from the published articles belongs to the authors