E-Journal of Social and Legal Studies that was established in 2015 and shortly called as SLS is a peer-reviewed journal published biannually in June and December. The Journal accepts all kinds of works with academic value including journal article, short article, case report and book review primarily in English and in other western languages. The SLS has a wide spectrum from legal and political science to psychology and thereby it encompasses a considerable amount of subjects and topics. Academics, decision makers and practitioners trying to make a contribution to social and legal sciences can have a chance through the SLS.

The SLS is a competent academic journal with its boards and authors though it is a new journal. What makes an academic journal successful is absolutely to meet the requirements of valuable indexes in the field. It is therefore important for us that our editorial boards have just made the applications for academic indexes. The SLS will be indexed in record time by some known academic indexes.

Publisher: Dr. Mustafa CAKIR