The world is always changing and becoming much more complicated than the past. Accordingly, domestic and international legislations, economic tendencies and social conditions follow this path. Every piece of regulation introduced tries to resolve disputes or to prevent them to be occurred in social and legal contexts. However, interpretation of arrangements has a place in making them better applicable. Academic studies particularly those carried out in academic journals serve for the assessment of such social and legal arrangements and developments.
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E-Journal of Social and Legal Studies (E-SLS) as an international academic journal covers all areas of social sciences and law. A biannually publication enables researches to analyze current developments and the E-SLS does provide this so. Internationality is another plus in terms of looking at issues from a wider perspectives rather than a national standpoint. I hope this little step makes a major contribution! I would like to express my sincere gratitude to independent academics who contributed to the foundation of this Journal, and current and prospect authors.

Prof. Dr. A. F├╝sun ARSAVA